Low Price Guarantee


If you find the exact product at a lower price from an authorized dealer online providing the same shipping service, please contact us to see if we can also meet the price at the time of ordering.

Mothering From The Heart is owned by a Lactation Consultant, Registered Nurse and mother of three breastfed children....currently nursing the youngest, so questions about the products can be answered by a someone that has used them or still using them!

Support your Local Lactation Consultant!
Many websites that sell breastfeeding products do not have a contact person familiar with the products nor do they have any breastfeeding expertise. When products are purchased with Mothering From The Heart, you will  receive free email or phone support for product use as needed and one free breastfeeding phone consultation up to 20 minutes or one free email breastfeeding consult if needed by a health care professional and Lactation Consultant.  If you live close to us, you may even demo the breastpumps before purchasing!

Many people place a priority on finding the best price for an item, but in reality, you get more for your money if you purchase from your local Lactation Consultant.  When you order through eBay or other websites that do not have someone  to handle your questions, then it isn't saving you anything.  Your local lactation consultant can assist you with pump replacement parts, or loaner pumps if your product fails at a critical time. Internet sites cannot do that for you. Besides, you may not feel very comfortable calling for assistance when you purchased your products from a cheaper website. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LACTATION CONSULTANT!  We need them to stay  in practice to help nursing moms!

Make sure you are purchasing from an Authorized Dealer with Medela Inc. for full warranty. Click here to view Mothering From The Heart listed as an Authorized Dealer.