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The Slingezee is no longer available. Please see our new favorite Lite on Shoulder Baby Sling that is light weight, less bulky, cooler during summer months and so easy to use with reduced padding in a one size fits most…up to a size 22. This sling is used exactly as the SlingEzee and for the same positions, but at a much lower price.


SlingEzee Baby Sling

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Wearing your baby does not get any easier than this!
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The SlingEZee Baby Sling supports your decision to keep your baby in your arms….safe and secure, right where they belong.

Sling EZee is sturdy and comfortable for outdoor activities like walking or hiking, yet always attractive and appropriate when the occasion calls for a sense of style. Sling EZee grows with your baby, and it can be worn from newborn until your baby is 35 pounds. It’s a long term investment that pays you back everyday.

Wearing your baby in a Sling is so much more convenient. Dealing with strollers in tight places and carrying those heavy car seats are difficult when your baby starts to fuss and request to be held; and that can often leave you lugging the heavy carrier or pushing the stroller with one hand. A baby is so much happier when held and the Sling will allow you to be hands free.

SlingEZee is always made of 100% cotton fabrics. It can be machine-washed and air-dried. Natural fiber is best, so no synthetic fabrics are ever next to your baby in a SlingEZee. This baby sling has been skillfully crafted with just the right amount of padding and in all the right places for long-wearing comfort for both you and your baby. There are no hard or unpadded edges that might cut, chafe, or irritate either of you. The padded rails provide for safety as well as comfort. The 100% cotton fabric of your HAVA or SlingEZee is selected to be safe, cool, and comfortable next to your baby. Some dark colors can bleed, so wash separately at first. Machine wash warm. Rinse cold. Gentle cycle. Mild detergent. Air dry. Do not bleach or use fabric softener.

Research shows that sling-carried babies cry less and are not as colicky. More content babies have more content parents. The Sling will allow parents freedom to not be tied down when the baby is wanting to be held or nursed for extended periods of time. If your baby falls asleep while being worn around the house, the Sling can be removed with the baby still cuddled in the sling to prevent waking the baby. They still feel cuddled in the sling and will sometimes take longer naps. Sling EZee is perfect for you if you are breastfeeding, adopting a baby, have twins, physically challenged, or just need a free hand.

Baby’s weight is carried over your hip and shoulder. Unlike front packs and back packs, the ingEZee DOES NOT STRESS YOUR LOWER BACK! The soft, washable fabric is well padded over your shoulder and wherever the edges of the sling touch your baby’s torso and legs. There are no hard corners or rough edges to chafe and cut. It’s the only carrier you will need. You can wear the SlingEZee in perfect comfort from birth through 35 pounds. This eliminates the need to buy other carriers to accommodate your baby’s growth.

There are several recommended positions for your newborn to toddler such as the Cradle Hold, Kangaroo Carry, Snuggle Hold, and Hip Straddle. There are also other uses for the sling, such as placing in the seat of your grocery cart to pad and provide comfort, it is a great privacy drape when nursing in public, it can protect your baby from sun and in the cold weather, it keeps baby warm, acts as a changing pad, and it also works as a great safety harness for a walking toddler; holding on to the tail will prevent baby from getting away from parents. Another great benefit to a sling is that you can get all those extra kisses by keeping your baby close to you!

The SlingEZee is the best baby carrier if you are breastfeeding. You can easily, comfortably, and discreetly breastfeed your baby while still in the sling. Private breastfeeding while your baby is being carried creates harmony during feeding. A hungry baby can be quickly attached, before having to fuss for a feeding, and can quietly drift off to a satisfied sleep while still in the sling. Using the SlingEZee Baby Sling as a shield, allows you to satisfy your baby’s need to feed at those inopportune times, when you just can’t get to a quiet, private place, or when you don’t have a place to sit down and get comfortable, (as when you�re standing in line at the grocery store).

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*While the Slingezee, Hava Sling, Zolowear and Over the Shoulder Baby Holder slings were my favorite ring slings, these companies are no longer in business. They didn’t warn any of their retailers of this decision. They no longer answered the phone, returned calls,  nor they did they respond to text messages or emails and they didn’t fill any orders placed online.

I had to look long and hard to find another sling similar to the OTSBH, Slingezee, Hava and Zolowear. I finally found the Lite on Shoulder Baby sling. It is the only one I could find that had any padding on the shoulder and rails. While it is minimal, more like a layer of batting, it works exactly as the OTSBH, Hava Sling and SlingEzee and the positions for holding the baby are the same. It is now a favorite! It is light weight, less bulky, not as hot in summer months and is now a one size fits all and available in beautiful colors/patterns.

Click Here to see the Lite on Shoulder Baby Slings:


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