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Breastfeeding Consultation / Retailer

I specialized in Maternal Child Nursing in a hospital setting for a total of 16 years, with eight years as a charge nurse on the Obstetrical Unit. I developed and managed the Lactation Program and provided Childbirth Education at Dekalb BMC in Fort Payne, Alabama. In 1999, I entered my private practice. I have extensive experience counseling breastfeeding mothers since 1985 with 20 years as an IBCLC.


God has blessed me with three incredible sons that I breastfed and homeschooled and are now all grown, and I'm blessed with a wonderful husband that showed tremendous support when I became a stay-at-home Mom and began my private practice. My amazing mother worked with me in my business from the beginning until she went to be with Jesus in 2015. I miss her, but will one day have Eternity with her. Praise be to God!


My ultimate goal as a Lactation Consultant is to help women have a breastfeeding experience that is spiritually, emotionally, and physically fulfilling. I give God all the glory for placing this passion within me to assist mothers with breastfeeding. With my services, I want to enable both the breastfeeding mother and her baby to thrive in health and happiness.

This Website

My prayer is that this website will be a place of support for many breastfeeding moms. The products offered with Mothering From The Heart have been personal favorites of mine and have been used by many of my clients.

Enjoy the site! 🙂
Marsha Bearden RN
Lactation Consultant