"Let an Expert help you get the most out of breastfeeding!"

Lactation Consults are by appointment only. Please call 256-557-5144 to schedule a time.

Prenatal Consult: $75.00

During this time, discussion of previous breastfeeding problems with a thorough history assessment and plan developed for an upcoming delivery.  A nipple assessment is done to check for inversions or flat nipples that may need treatment during pregnancy. Some goodies are given, instructions sheets, and a discount allowed on the hands-free baby sling.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class: $75.00
A one-on-one class tailored to your needs. It will cover positioning & latching on, how to get off to a good start in the hospital, and more. Instructions sheets provided. Will be able to view different breastfeeding products that facilitate nursing.

Breastpump demonstration: $75.00
If a breast pump is purchased, the cost of the demo will go toward the price of the pump. With the breast pump demonstration, you are allowed to see, try and feel the different pumps before or to make a decision about which pump to obtain through your insurance.

In-Home Lactation Consult: $150.00.
Home visits provide detailed lactation history, instruction on proper positioning and latch-on techniques, assistance with current breastfeeding problems, pre, and post-weight checks, written plan of care. If certain supplies are needed, there may be an additional charge, such as hydrogel dressings, Purelan ointment, breast shells, supplemental nursers, finger feeders, or the NurseEz
This is a three-hour limit. If the time exceeds this, the price will increase to $25.00 per hour.

Hospital Visit: $150.00
Hospital visits are limited at this time to Marshall Medical Center North and South and Dekalb Regional.

Phone Consults: $1.00 per minute with a $10.00 minimum that increases in increments of $5.00.

Such as:
1-10 minutes: $10.00
11-15 minutes: $15.00
16-20 minutes: $20.00
21-25 minutes: $25.00
26-30 minutes: $30.00
etc, etc, etc.....

There is no charge for phone calls related to products or the use of products that have been purchased from MFTH. Nor is there a charge when calling about a problem to set up a Lactation Consult in person.

Email Consults have become very time consuming, and due to the fact that I receive over 1400 emails a day, it is very difficult to respond to everyone. Please call me if you have a breastfeeding question that is urgent.

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