Help For Nursing Mothers

Medications & Nursing

(Drugs and Breastfeeding) Introduction Over the years, far too many women have been wrongly told they had to stop breastfeeding. The decision about continuing breastfeeding when the mother takes a drug, for example, is far more involved than whether the baby will get any in the milk. It also involves taking into consideration the risks…

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Inverted or Flat nipples

Have inverted nipples or flat nipples been a problem in the past to nursing a baby? Maybe it is only a cosmetic concern; either way, you will find help here!!! While inverted nipples may not be as common as flat nipples, it still affects many men and women. It is best for treatment to start…

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“Latching On” Problems

When latching – How to Latch A Baby On To Breastfeed Anne J Barnes , May 1995 Have nipple and baby’s nostrils in line before latching. Baby held around shoulders. Head supported but NOT pushed in against breast. Head tilted back slightly. Baby’s body and legs wrapped in around mother. Push with base of hand…

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